The Stages of Scrum Mastery

The Information Dispenser

This is one of the earliest stages of Scrum Mastery, and I call it “Information Dispensing.” This stage of Scrum Mastery is quite volatile. At this stage, one is unaware of the necessary skills and lack of proficiency in playing the role. A couple of my personal experiences, in particular, helped me to call out this “Stage” under Unconscious Incompetence. As you may see, I would like to place the Information Dispenser under the “Unconscious Incompetence” quadrant. As a result, one may be unaware of the repercussions that will have on the teams. When I had an opportunity to work as a Scrum Master in 2012 for one of the financial organizations, a third-party product was purchased from a vendor, and a new team setup was done even before I joined. Team members often come up with “We should inspect if we need to continue using this product” in their retrospectives. On the other side, I get a lot of instructions from management. I carry information from management like:

  • Who estimates the story?
  • What are the expectations of each Sprint?
The Stages of Scrum Mastery by Venkatesh Rajamani


• You always pass information to your teams.

Recommended Antidotes:

• Take some formal training (For example, first-level Scrum Master workshops, preferably Professional Scrum Master™ (PSM) from



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Venkatesh Rajamani

Venkatesh Rajamani Professional Scrum Trainer(PST)| Scrum Alliance CTC (Certified Team Coach ) & CEC(Certified Enterprise Coach) |Brain Based Coach |Founder @ tryScrum