Guide to Building a Career as a Scrum Master

A known devil is better than an unknown angel.

A highly productive first step is nurturing the willingness to experiment by finding the most appropriate opportunities under your current company. You need to be straightforward and request your employer about playing the role of a Scrum Master, getting associated with one of the teams.

  • Practising various Facilitation techniques to facilitate different Scrum events
  • Showing the stakeholders the functionalities and attributes of working software and getting their feedback
  • Introducing the concept of Scrum Board
  • Implementing a set of modern techniques to facilitate retrospectives

Pen down a Plan for Personal Development

After you have already experimented with few basic Scrum techniques, it is essential to visualise personal development aspects properly.

  1. Smartly prioritising those goals
  2. Marking the deadlines for achieving the set goals
  3. Recognising threats, along with opportunities
  4. Constantly developing your skills and expanding your knowledge
  5. Utilising the support network you have
  6. Measuring your progress

Your CV is hugely important — start building it

There is no need to panic if you don’t have any significant experience as a Scrum Master. But, it is pretty essential to particularly highlight the contributions you have made in various Agile teams.

Get appropriate training and get certified.

Earning too many certificates is not the answer to every question. Personally, I don’t vouch for it. But, acquiring a recognised credential certainly indicates two main things:

  • Creating a learning mindset by investing productively in yourself

Preparing Your Resume

This could be the trickiest part of your preparation. You have to ensure that your application, rather CV, gets shortlisted for the role of Scrum Master in a company that you have targeted. Companies nowadays rely on advanced software that screens resume. Hence, you have to take a highly pragmatic and professional approach.

Focus on the question — Why an employer should hire you?

Given all other achievements and qualities are on the same platform, a person with more experience would definitely get hired as a Scrum Master. Since you lack that experience, you have to innovatively highlight your attributes and stints relevant to the role you are applying for, making you a perfect fit.

Finding volunteering opportunities in communities

If you cannot get enough relevant opportunities under your employer, you need to search for volunteering opportunities in various communities.

Your Network is Your Networth

It is considered that good networking gets you the job that you are desiring and searching for. It is also a matter of luck — being present at the right spot, with the right people and at the right time.

Be Patient

Patience is undoubtedly a valuable virtue. In conclusion, I would always say you remain patient in your job search. Shifting to an entirely new position in your professional career could take some time. You have to be persistent.

What is next?

Numerous organisations can help you get valid certificates and help you build an illustrious career. Remember that you have to keep on learning and expanding your knowledge relentlessly. You can explore the following:

About Author

Venkatesh is the Founder of, a Management Consulting firm. He is also a Professional Scrum Trainer ® with, a Certified Enterprise Coach®, CAL-Educator and Certified Team Coach® with Scrum Alliance (2nd person in India to hold this credentials), Scrum Foundations Educator with Scrum Alliance, Brain-Based Coach (BBC) with Neuroleadership Institute, Leadership Circle Practitioner with LCP, Certified Disciplined Agilist from — (DAC), Design Thinking Expert with IDEO.



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Venkatesh Rajamani

Venkatesh Rajamani Professional Scrum Trainer(PST)| Scrum Alliance CTC (Certified Team Coach ) & CEC(Certified Enterprise Coach) |Brain Based Coach |Founder @ tryScrum